How to Speed Up the Avada WordPress Theme

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When choosing a theme for your website, you want to ensure that the theme is backed by solid customer support. This is the main reason I opt for Avada and other high selling themes; they are able to financially support a full-time support team. The most common argument for avoiding such themes is that due to the large number of customers, the theme becomes slow/bloated with features that you don't need. In this article, we will look at how you can improve the load time of the Avada theme and some of the features that you should avoid using.

How to Start a Blog

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If you've found this article, it's most likely because you're thinking of starting your own blog for the first time. After doing some preliminary research, you may find yourself overwelmed with the amount of information available. Don't let this stop you! Starting a blog can be both simple and complicated, depending how you approach it. The purpose of this article is to navigate through the entire process of concept to to launch via the path of least resistence.